The Best Aluminium Canopy And Tray Combo For Your Ute!

The Best Tray For Your Ute!

The 4x4 industry is renown for having a variety of Ute and Canopy tray styles and designs. Finding the perfect fit for your car can be extremely difficult when there is a wide variety to choose from. Overall, you would want a Tray or Canopy that is lightweight, heavy duty and that can withstand whatever you throw in; or at it. Never purchase trays or canopies that are not professionally made or built by top engineers and recognized businesses. 

Always take into consideration the design and needs of your purchase when coming to the decision of buying a tray or canopy. Many of our products come with add on's or combos that make for great accessories at unbeatable prices. From ladder racks, toolboxes and trundle draws, making the most of your tray is essential for a good and valuable deal. 

best tray deal

The Best Canopies For Your Ute!

Canopies can range from size and design suitable for individuals needs and preferences. From camping enthusiasts, tradies and overall Ute driver; it's essential to grab a canopy and deal that works for you.

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular canopy options.

  • Part-tray canopies
  • Dual cab canopies
  • Single cab canopies
  • Extra cab canopies
  • Jack off canopies

We've Got You Covered With Canopy And Tray Combo's

If you need any help, feel free to talk to the team at OZI4X4. We'll give you the best advice with price match guaranteed value amongst competitors within the whole 4x4 industry.