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☎️ 1300 694 494 | Buy Now, Pay Later Available!
☎️ 1300 694 494 | Buy Now, Pay Later Available!

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OZI 4x4 Parts and Accessories

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OZI 4x4 Parts & Accessories

Ozi 4x4 accessories and parts will bring you 4x4 safe adventures. We have specialised accessories such as bullbars, lights, roof cages, suspension, tyres, bonnet scoops and many others. These are all available on-site and online. We are a one-stop shop to get you kitted with adventure gear. Ozi 4x4 is here to deliver, distribute, and serve all customers' accessories.

We Continue to Serve!

OZI4X4 is continuing to serve during lockdown through online and over the phone (click & collect). If you can't order online, call the team and we'll be more than happy to help! Certain measures in-store through governments requirements will help to protect the people of our community. All orders are being processed and shipped as usual. Please stay safe and look out for those are around you.

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