Steel Trays For Utes Or The Aluminium One – Which One To Choose

It is probably a known fact that people are concerned before placing hefty loads on their trucks. Some are using aluminium or steel trays for utes and loading those trays with too much pressure. Well, as per the experts from  Toyota, “stronger does not always mean more durable.”

Most car companies have designed their genuine accessory-centric UTE trays to match the torsional stiffness of the chassis. So, they always flex at the same rate in the bump and grind of daily driving or even tackling off-road obstacles. 

But, there are multiple aftermarket UTE tray suppliers who will not have access to the said data and make the parts way too stiff for the vehicle or attack them in an improper manner to the chassis. FCAI has vested one interest in the debate over aftermarket parts as the main goal is to help UTE owners purchase accessories sold by the car companies.

Sam Purcell, who is an expert with experience with aftermarket UTE accessories has stated that not all  non-genuine UTE trays are created in the same manner. There are various Australian companies, which are worth leaders to help customise UTE trays, along with service bodies and canopies in various styles and by using different construction materials.

Before you proceed further, make sure to get along with the best steel trays for utes, designed for daily use. It is indeed necessary to check out the  latest models available online and their features, before jumping straight into a conclusive point.

The different benefits of UTE trays along with their uses

The pick-up truck beds are considered versatile add-ons and will have various uses to them. These trays will offer increased load area with some removable sides, which offer practical solutions to the trucks out there. You can add an endless number of accessories like drawers, ladder racks, tools boxes and canopies, with the purpose to enhance functionality. Before you proceed further and check in with steel trays for utes, let’s focus on their beneficial aspects first.

High-end storage capacity

The steel trays for the UTEs are here to increase the storage option among trucks when compared to some of the standard cars over here. You can get the premium quality ones from the house of Ozi4*4 right now. 

  • The load space over here is the added benefit as more room means that the owners can carry all the belongings on their own utility truck.
  • Right from transporting some new furniture to plants, and even handling some other items, everything remains promising enough with the practical and functional trays out there.

Get along with the cabin choices

Some people might not prefer selecting UTEs as they are completely worried about the interior comfort and space of the trucks. 

  • But, you get to enjoy interior space without the need for any compromise with steel trays for utes by your side.
  • These trays are readily available to offer premium quality flexibility and are available in so many layouts and designs to come across.

Better space usage

There are different materials used for manufacturing UTE trays and aluminium is a high-end competitor of steel ones. As aluminium is slim and simple, the trays will offer more space and will offer high-end flexibility.

  • But, in case you are looking for top-notch strength with the trays and the options that last the longest, then nothing can beat the importance of steel trays for utes for sure.
  • You can even sit on the steel trays on the vehicle to leave enough space under toolboxes.

Now for the safety notion to follow

Want to secure your tools and materials? If so, then lockable tool boxes will be the ultimate guide to venture into. There is no need for you to transport heavy goods to and from the workplace anymore, on a daily basis. There are the UTE trays available, which can be fitted well in any portion of the truck. Moreover, there are lockable units available with the steel trays, which will present the ultimate secure storage to keep the tools secure and safe.

The difference between aluminium and steel UTE trays

In case you are making plans to increase the cargo carrying capacity of your UTE, then you are looking for multiple trays these days. There is a standard tub available with most of the UTEs. In case you are exploring options on the market, you will always notice that most of the companies are either selling steel trays for utes or moving on with the aluminium options.

Both these types will cover their tasks just fine, but they have their distinct strength and negative notions to them. Making the right choice with the UTE trays will always depend on the environment where you are planning to use them and the tasks you want to perform using these trays.

Before you start shopping for the perfect one, it is vital to learn the difference between these aluminium and steel trays for utes. It helps you to make the right choice when the final time comes.

For the weight difference that follows

Aluminium is likely to be about half the weight of that of steel. For example, if a heavy-duty UTE tray is made out of aluminium, it might cost you around 150kg in weight. On the other hand, for the steel trays for utes, you can expect the weight to be as high as 300kg.

  • The negative aspects of weight will be felt mostly on the tyre, mechanical wear and fuel consumption.
  • However, you must consider the tray’s weight after focusing on the kerb weight of the vehicle. It helps in reducing the gross mass rating of the vehicle and its payloads.
  • So, if the tray gets heavier along with the accessories in them, then the payload will turn out to be smaller. It is one major point to consider.
  • But the extra weight that steel trays for utes come with can also prove to be beneficial in cab-chassis vehicles as they are driven un-laden mostly with lighter loads.

Moving on with the strength

Steel is mostly 3 to 4 times stronger and stiffer when compared to the aluminium counterpart. So, if you are looking for UTE trays known for their hardness and strength, then the steel ones will probably be the best choice to have ventured into. But, that will not mean that the heavy-duty aluminium ones won’t offer rigidity and strength as asked for. 

  • Even though most people are happy with the aluminium one the steel material will offer them peace of mind because of the durability that these trays come with.
  • If you want a tray that can withstand the harsh environment of the area you are living in, then nothing can beat the importance of steel trays for utes
  • Furthermore, you need to make the right choice with the materials for UTE trays, depending on the specified work requirements. Everything moves down to this!
  • In case your work involves carrying loads of Acrow prop, steel jackhammer drill bits and star pickets, then a steel tray will be the most suitable choice for you to make.
  • Steel is proven to be the best option in case you are carting landscape supplies like hard jagged rocks that can tumble with enough force.
  • But, you must also remember that this extra weight of the steel trays will reduce the load amount that you can carry. 

Now for the corrosion resistance part

Apart from being lighter, the aluminium trays are also corrosion-resistant in nature. On the other hand, you have steel that is made using alloys of carbon and iron. Moreover, the aluminium one is made from bauxite, which makes the product non-ferrous and rust-free.

  • If rust is your biggest concern, then maybe steel might not be the right option for you. With the aluminium trays, you don’t need any extra protection, which is beneficial if you are working in coastal environments where sea exposure is high.
  • On the other hand, you have steel, which needs to be sealed in some way to prevent rust. Saltwater seems to be the biggest enemy in question. 
  • If you want to prevent rust on steel trays, then you have to galvanise them or use the power of powder coating. You can further apply a decent amount of paint to get the task going.
  • No matter whatever kind of treatment you are going for, chips and scratches are results of hard use and will always lurk around potential rust starters.

The final call

It is not hard to state that choosing between aluminium and steel UTE trays will take some time from your side. However, you are always requested to focus on your working environment, the surrounding weather and your needs, before finalising the UTE trays you want to procure. Get premium quality UTE trays from the house of Ozi4*4 right away! They have both aluminium and steel ones to check in with.