5 Reasons a Bullbar is an indispensable asset!

5 Reasons a Bullbar is an indispensable asset

Over the years, the Bullbar has always paid off by fending off unprecedented collisions. You also never know when a roo might dash across the road. A bullbar is the best insurance you can buy yourself. At Oxi4x4 accessories, our Bullbars are deigned to suit a number of vehicles and whilst we do not have any association with vehicle manufacturers, our bulbar are specially designed to fit a number of vehicles including but not limited to Toyota, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, SUV and Ute. In terms of functionality our Bullbars absorb a lot of energy from a potential collision and protect not just the driver but also the steering, suspension and other components. 

Accessorising Your Bull Bar

The Bull bar is much more than just a projection frame stuck to the front of your 4WD, It serves as a mounting frame for many important accessories. Mounting driving lights on your bullbar can be very beneficial. Accessorising with perfect lights can ensure ideal all weather illumination and it minimizes vibrating beam patterns that may hinder driver sight of a clear path. 

Improved angle of approach 

Having a bull bar fit will provide you with ample ground clearance in case you need to plan to go off road. With oxi4x4 Bullbars you can arm your vehicle with a fully flexible upswept tapered wing design Bullbar which provides you with seamless approach angles and reinforced strength. Using an underbody guard by integrating it into your bullbar can protect your vehicles in unknown terrain and provide extra protection. This provides optimum shielding for the Front and sump. 

 Recovery points

4 wheel drivers can often find themselves in an inevitable situation while heading to a remote campsite or exploring a new track. At Ozi4x4 we have your back with the high rated recovery gear . A winch, snatch strap, recovery points and shackle can come to your rescue. And at Ozi4x4 we don't compromise on must fit accessories. Our recovery points are designed to perform ideally while withstanding large amounts of forces during this procedure. These recovery points adequately distribute the forces into the bullbar finally into the chassis, without hindering the structural integrity of the OEM chassis.

 It's vital not to be deceived by tie down or transport hooks, these are just static mounting or securing attachment points. You might walk into a catastrophic failure if you use these points in the place of recovery points. 

 Protection and Safety 

In many parts of Australia the animal collision rate is pretty high. The risk of wildlife roaming the roads can seriously disable your car. While the first priority of using a vehicle other than transporting is safety. By installing a Bullbar you can avoid a huge repair bill and protect your vehicle. On many occasions rough roads and terrains can wreck your wheels . A bull bar fends off rocks, debris, or sticks from ruining the bumper and other parts of the vehicle.